Get Affordable Cover Whatever Your Health Condition

What differentiate us from other insurance comparison websites?

We understand that everyone’s insurance needs are different. To best help you find the right insurance policy at the right price, we make sure that every free quote is a bespoke quote. Even if you have been declined insurance in the past because you smoke, have heart condition, work in a high-risk occupation, are over 50 or have health problems, HeartCover may be able to help you.

HeartCover’s goal is to make insurance comparison quick, easy and more affordable for all. Even with existing health condition, you can now compare bespoke insurance offers from leading UK insurance companies. Our proprietary insurance comparison Wizard® makes it possible to quickly compare the cost, features and financial strength of hundreds of personal insurance policies.


We compare the whole of UK market in order to find sympathetic insurance companies that can help people who have a heart condition or other health issues.

For example, a bespoke health insurance cover will allow you to:

- Go to expert cardiologists
– Get private health services for your whole family
– Get UK and International Cover
– Avoid long NHS waiting lists and queues
– Avoid debt and medical bankruptcy


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