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- No more NHS waiting times.
– Get seen immediately by medical expert.
– You can select your desired private clinic.
– No medical exam and no age limit.
– Get access to therapy and drugs that aren’t available on the NHS.
– Treatment at a time to suit you and that fit in with your work or life.
– You can expect a clean, quiet, private room with en suite facilities.

When Mrs K needed a hip replacement, she was able to select the private clinic of her choice.

Jump NHS wating times

She says: “I wanted my own private room and a clean private bathroom in order to recover in peace without anyone disturbing me. The last thing you need when you’re unwell is to be surrounded by people you don’t know and to have to share toilet and washing facilities. With private healthcare, you can select your desired private clinic so you won’t have to worry about hospital cleanliness and MRSA. You have your own room with a range of home comforts including a television and phone by the bed. Therefore you can rest and recuperate in your own way. For example you can choose when and what to watch on television, listen to the radio and make phone calls to friends and family without worrying whether you are disturbing anyone. And unlike most NHS wards which have set visiting times, your relatives can enjoy the convenience of visiting you at any time. Car parking is not an issue as they are usually free at private clinics. Thanks to HeartCover I was able to find a discounted policy, I never thought health insurance could be so affordable. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to all my friends and family.”

At HeartCover,  we fully understand that long NHS waiting times may add more stress to an already difficult situation. We also know that when times are difficult, every penny counts. Therefore, our main gain is to make quality health insurance more affordable.

We now have exclusive online discounts and no claim bonus, which mean that you can save up to 70%.
If you already have an existing health insurance policy, you will be glad to know that you can get a continuation of insurance, in other words you get exactly the same cover but at a cheaper price.

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